Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Quest for the Perfect Fudge, part 1

I am rubbish at making fudge. Always have been. I fear it has now turned into some kind of baking bogey man for me. So, I am determined to overcome this baking blip and with this I have launched The Quest for the Perfect Fudge.

I decided to test all different types of fudge from a variety of sources - anything goes and I have asked friends, family and workmates for their best fudge recipes. I'll make these fudge recipes and rate them on taste, texture, and how easy it is to make.

I started my quest the other day. A quick google search for the best fudge, and I discovered this recipe , so I decided to start there.

This fudge proved problematic, I just could not get it to 120 degrees without it catching on the bottom.

The result was a fudge that tasted amazing, but had a very non-fudge like grainy texture that crumbled when cut. It was a delicious caramel-like fudge, but it was unpleasant in your mouth - no one wants a mouthful of sugar crystals.

I'll just have to try again. On to part 2...


  1. Very nice, thank you. I'll give you my Chocolate Biscuit Fudge recipe as well as my sisters (and childrens) yummy Coffee fudge recipe.

    1. Thanks! I am looking forward to making them, and blogging about them!