Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wild pork roast

My Dad went on a hunting trip to the South Island recently. On his way back through Wellington he stopped to drop off some wild pork. Lucky me!

My poor, poor freezer though! I had to resort to carefully stacking everything in until there wasn't a speck of space left, and then quickly slamming the door shut to hold everything in there. This worked well until my partner opened the door to get something out, only to have half the contents of the freezer collapse on him. Oops. (Of course, it was his fault for opening the freezer - what was he thinking? He he).

Anyway, a giant leg roast was taking up the most room, so it had to go. And by go, I mean it was time for dinner.

As with all wild meats, wild pork needs to be treated carefully. It generally has little fat on it, so you can easily wreck it by drying it out. You skin a wild pig, so wild pork does not have that protective layer of skin and fat that supermarket pork has.

I made my roast a nice little bed of veges to sit on - apples, yams and garlic as well as some rosemary, salt and pepper.

Into the tray I poured some wine, water and pineapple juice. All of these things I thought would give the pork a lovely flavour and tenderness.

I covered this tightly with tinfoil and put it into a really hot oven (250 degrees) and immediately turned it down to 150 degrees for about three and a half hours.

Now, I was so excited about how my roast turned out, that I forgot to take photos! Mind you, as delicious as it was, it just looked like a big hunk of cooked meat, so you're not missing out on too much!

As I carved the meat, I spooned over some of the juices left over in the pan - this helps to ensure it stays lovely and tender as you serve it.

There are only two of us to feed, and despite me piling our plates high - pork is such a treat as I rarely buy supermarket pork (and only ever free-range) - we had a lot left over. So, I thought I would share my ideas for the leftovers.

On the first night of leftovers we had pork fried noodles with Chinese-inspired flavours - I used a marinade of sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, chilli, rice wine vinegar, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. (As an aside, worcestershire is the most ridiculously hard word to spell!! Not to mention that you don't pronounce it anything like it looks, but don't get me started on that one).

I quickly stir-fried some carrot, broccoli and mushrooms, and added the pork as it only needed to be heated through. Some more sauce plus the cooked rice noodles, and dinner was done!

The next night we had tacos - this time I didn't flavour the pork directly, but added a delicious chilli salsa to the pork and salad on the tacos. The meat was still so tender and delicious, yum, yum, yum.

There was even enough left over for lunch the next day!

So, thanks very much Dad!!!


  1. We are going to try this tomorrow night. We got given a huge wild pork roast. There is no room in my freezer, so my Dad has been invited around. Hope mine will be as good as yours. Will keep you posted

  2. Cooking for one and half hours. Probably 2 to 3 to go. Looks great, smells great. Neighbour also now coming in for dinner. This should be a great night.

  3. Roast took 4 hours to cook. Veges 1 and a half. Beautiful meal, with gravy and apple sauce. Neighbour taken pork care parcel home. Husband and Dad very happy. Pork sandwiches for rest of week. Thank you very much for having your cooking instructions ready and waiting for us. Cheers Delwyn

    1. I'm so pleased to hear it went well Delwyn! It sounds delicious, and it's such a treat having leftovers, yum. Thanks for letting me know how you got on!

  4. I look forward to using a lot more from your website. Cheers Delwyn

  5. Did it yesterday,ka pai ehore!!!!

  6. Am trying this out on nga moko who all normally have the sausage, mince, chicken and sometimes the odd stirfry pork sooo this is going to be interesting....sounds absolutely devine....will definately get back to you

  7. Hi Carina,

    Could you suggest any alternatives for the pineapple juice?

  8. I'd be interested to know the cooking time required for my 4.5kg leg of wild pork. I'm having a few people over for dinner tonight and looking forward to cooking this as described.