Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pan De Muerto

"It is written in ancient Mexican legend, obscured by the mists of time, that amongst us will dwell the "shadow-walker". A man who can freely pass between the living & the realm of the dead.
Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead) is that gift, & through it you can now taste the afterlife, and partake of the celebration of the dead...
So enjoy your food, and take time to thank and remember those who have passed before us... and don't forget to "live like you’re dead"!!!"

These are the words that greet you when you enter Pan De Muerto in Kent Terrace. Six of us went there for dinner on Thursday, so as something new I thought I would share my thoughts.

The atmosphere inside is strange, but somehow it all fits. We couldn't quite work out how the fairy angel pained on the wall fitted next to the skeleton, but hey, it provided us with a discussion point at the very least.

The menu had loads of gluten free options which was awesome - meant that there was lots of choice. Further, all the gluten free options were clearly labelled. There were also a number of vegetarian options.

For a starter we went for a tasting platter. Probably the highlight of the platter (at least for me) were the jalapenos rellenos, which were tasty little jalapeno chillis stuffed with something cheesy and delicious, crumbed and then deep fried. They were exactly the right balance of cheesy, chilli and spice. Delicious, I could have eaten them all night.

The rest of the platter was pretty good - some nacho chips, dip, meatballs, and some quesdillas, all tasty.

For my main I had fish tacos. The soft tacos came with a bowl of black beans, some very tasty rice, and salsa. While everything was very delicious, I couldn't really taste my fish, it was more "generic protein". By itself the fish was well cooked, and well flavoured. It just got overpowered by the strong flavours of the rest of the dish.

Probably the only disappointment of the meal was the margarita jug. Jug being the word to focus on here. Turns out our margarita jug was not a jug at all but a glass carafe. Hmmm. We all managed a couple of yummy mouthfulls.

Overall, Pan De Muerto provided us with a fun, delicious and filling meal. I would certainly go back. There is a lot more on the menu to work my way through!

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