Sunday, 15 January 2012

The rest of our Christmas dinner feast

Believe it or not, we had even more food at our table on Christmas Day. Although, I should clarify by explaining that we had both Christmas lunch and dinner. Dinner was a more grand affair, but we still had to eat at lunchtime.

Lunch was more on the healthy side.

Marinated prawn skewers with two types of marinade - sweet chilli and lime; and satay. We also continued the seafood theme with two lip-smackingly good crayfish.

We also had a giant slab of beef. 2.5kg of delicious rump steak. We seared it on the bbq and then cooked it with the hood down and served it with mustard. Yum.

All up, lunch was pretty tasty!

On to dinner. We have already seen the turkey and accompaniments. Yum. But there was so much more!

I made a tasty kumara salad. Boil 2cm chunks of kumara until just cooked (don't over cook it, or you will have mushy salad). To the drained kumara add unsweetened yoghurt, orange juice, chopped orange, salt and pepper. Sprinkle over toasted pumpkin seeds just before serving. This salad is also super tasty with fried bacon.

We didn't need bacon in the kumara salad as we had a giant leg of beautiful free-range ham. I have never had hot ham at Christmas (we always serve cold ham), but hot ham was requested so hot it was! We peeled off the layer of skin and scored the fat. We covered the scored ham with maple syrup and brown sugar and studded it with cloves. We cooked it for an hour at about 150 degrees.

Finally we had the dish which I am most proud of.

Yup, those are our beautiful home-grown potatoes.

Boiled with mint and served with butter. Pure, delicious simplicity.

What a delicious feast!

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