Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Fan mail

I think I had my first fan mail today. Talk about exciting. I was sitting at my desk this afternoon when some internal mail landed on my desk. I opened it to find what I can only describe as fan mail. A former colleague of mine had obviously been reading my post on lentils. In the letter she had included four lentil and chickpea recipes, along with a cute note outlining some helpful tips and hints for adapting the recipes.

So, I will make these recipes in the following weeks and let you know how they go. A big thank you for my first fan mail H!


  1. Hi Carina,

    After reading your post about the Chocolate walnut cupcakes with caramel icing, I decided to made some Chocolate & Orange Fudge Brownies. I did leave them in the oven for a bit too long but went down very well for my first attempt.

    I have been baking for years but can never seem to get the icing right for my cupcakes :( Do you have any tips?

    A London based follower

  2. Chocolate and orange fudge brownie sounds amazing. Did you use orange zest and juice for the orange flavour?

    I generally use trial and error for my icing. I did invest in an excellent wee book of basic cupcake and icing recipes called The Crabapple Bakery Cupcake Cookbook. It has many different recipes and I generally modify them to suit what I am making (or what I have in the cupboard).

    I generally like to make icing for cupcakes thinner than recipes state as it's easier to work with. I have also invested in a really good piping bag. I tried the cheap versions, but they were difficult to work with. I got my new piping bag from a proper kitchen shop and it cost me about $15, and it is well worth it.

    Happy baking!