Friday, 1 June 2012

Wedding Cupcakes

Earlier this year I was stoked to be asked to make and decorate wedding cupcakes for a workmate's friend. I was so fortunate to have a very relaxed bride to work with, she was open to suggestion re flavours and decorations.

I used her questions about cupcakes and decorations as an excuse to experiment and take some photos. The bride, and my workmates, enjoyed providing feedback on my experimentation!

In the end the bride decided on chocolate cupcakes with a hazelnut filling, and white chocolate swiss buttercream icing icing in brown foil cases. For decorations she chose purple flowers (that I purchased from The Cake Shop), and pink and red hearts that I made myself.

I made a basic chocolate cupcake, and filled each with a hazelnut filling that I made by mixing cream cheese and hazelnut spread (the cream cheese helped to counter the sweetness of the hazelnut filling and was a delicious contrast). I filled the cupcakes by using a thin metal nozzle on my piping bag and piercing each cupcake to squeeze the filling in. This creates a delicious gooey hazelnut centre.

The bride wanted symbols of the bride and groom on the top two cupcakes. So, I made a tiara and a bow-tie and hat. I thought they were so cute and, more importantly, the bride loved them.

All credit to my workmate for taking these photos for me. It's fair to say I was a little stressed by my first foray into the world of wedding cakes, and I was so worried about making sure the cupcakes were delivered in perfect condition (the staff at the venue set them up, as it was a really hot day so they needed to be kept cool until the guests arrived later in the evening), that I completely neglected to take any photos at all. When I realised this, I was really gutted. Thank goodness for Anne!

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  1. Yeah wedding cupcakes are in trend nowadays. People are replacing giant bulky cakes with cute little cupcakes that are so easy to distribute. We had cocktail themed wedding party recently at indoor Seattle Wedding venues and our cupcakes were also very pretty. The designer did great work with them.