Friday, 21 October 2011

Just some of my cupcakes

I experimented with cupcake decorating the other day, so thought I would share them on here.

Firstly, chocolate ganache, a star and glitter. This is probably my favourite.

Chocolate buttercream and some silver sparkly balls.

Red buttercream swirl.

A selection of chocolate buttercream with hand-made decorations.

Coconut and a heart.

Red with a decoration.


  1. Just wondering how you managed to get the butter cream so red, I'm making an Elmo cake and I need to know how to make the icing the same sort of colour as the red swirl one. Please help!!

  2. Hi! I used a lot of red food colouring. I find the paste rather than liquid colouring better to use and a much richer colour. Good luck with Elmo, I'd love to see the finished result!