Saturday, 9 July 2011

Some of my favourite blogs

I have a few food blogs that I regularly check out, and I wanted to share them with you. There are some great recipes to be found in these blogs.

I think the prettiest blog absolutely goes to 101 Cookbooks. I love this blog. The author, Heidi, is a photographer and as well as delicious food, she has beautiful photos on her blog. Heidi focuses on natural, whole foods - vegetarian only. I am currently reading her book, Super Natural Cooking, which is a introduction to natural foods. It is really informative and interesting.

Another site with stunning photos is Canelle et Vanille. The recipes on this site are gluten-free and many use a number of natural ingredients.

My sister loves Azelia's Kitchen. Again, beautiful photos, and delicious-looking food.

Another great food blog is Taste Spotting. This is a blog where people can submit recipes after registering with the site. Most recipes link through to a blog or website, so this will make for hours of entertainment from food-lovers as you click through to various other delicious sites.

I discovered Sweetopia this evening by accident. I have not had chance to have a good look around this site, but my initial impression is that I will be making frequent visits to this site! Yum!

If I find any more great blogs in the future, I'll make sure to blog about them. For now, enjoy!


  1. Love the look of the GF blog! I will be looking at that a lot I think

  2. I know, it's great huh! So pretty too!